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Model Capacity
CADA016SA8-B 16TB (8x 2TB)
CADA008SA8-B 8TB (8x 1TB)
CADA004SA8-B 4TB (8x 500GB)

One gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes. One terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. The total accessible capacity may be less and actual capacity depends on the operating environment and formatting.

Total usuable capacity in RAID devices depend on RAID mode. RAID 1 (mirrored) arrays have half capacity, RAID 5 arrays lose the equivalent of the capacity of one drive per set (one of four drives in this case). 8-bay models are comprised of two 4-bay arrays, and therefore has the total usable capacity of six out of the total eight drives.

*Windows XP (and earlier) and Mac OS 10.4 (and earlier) support only MBR partition type, which can recognize up to 2TB per volume. For CADA-SA8-B disk arrays with more than 2TB total volume (after RAID), multiple partitions of 2TB or less will be required. Windows XP x64 edition, Windows 2003 Server SP1, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Mac OS 10.5 and newer support GBT partition type, which will allow a volume of more than 2TB to be recognized.


CADA-SA8-B Series

RAID 8-Bay Disk Array

The new Cavalry 8-bay RAID tower brings unprecedented capacity, performance as well as data protection to users who have the most demanding storage needs.

With ever growing file sizes and the need to protect your valuable work, this drive is perfect for video and music editing, design, or even just to store all your important files in one location without having to worry about losing your data. This is possible with various RAID levels that offers ultimate protection should one of the drives fail. eSATA provides a way to transfer all those extra large files at lightning speeds so that you can spend more time doing more important work. Easy to setup and use, this drive is ready to go out of the box so you can start transfering your files quickly.

See how RAID works.


  • RAID modes: 0, 0+1, 5, 5+hot spare, JBOD, Spanning
  • Automatic rebuilding in RAID 1 and 5
  • eSATA speeds of up to 3 Gbit/s
  • Heat-dissipating aluminum enclosure with fan

Technical Specs
Interface Transfer Rate
eSATA: 3 Gbit/s (max)

Form Factor

RAID modes
5+hot spare


Physical Dimensions
5.9" x 13.4" x 13.4"
(150mm x 340mm x 340mm)

Net Weight
25 lbs
(11.3 kg)

System Requirements
Operating System*
Windows XP / Vista / 7 + (32-bit & 64-bit)
Mac OS X 10.4.8 +

Open PCI-E port on motherboard

Package Contents
External Hard Drive Enclosure
Eight pre-installed 3.5" HDD
2x eSATA Cables
User Manual